entertainment writing ———


the entertainment news I wrote during my time as a television reporter for mxdwn.com can be accessed here on my author page.

the lineup

here is my author page, where you can access my stories written for the lineup, a website focusing on horror, the paranormal, and true crime. 

the archive

the archive explores the lost chapters of the past—from history’s enduring mysteries to astonishing encounters with the natural world. here is my author page.

the portalist

here, you can read my stories written for the portalist, a website for fans of science fiction, fantasy, and the bizarre.

a love so true

a love so true is a website dedicated to romance in books, pop culture, and real life. you can access all of my writing here.

huffington post

an article I wrote about the evolution of indie music.

murder & mayhem

murder & mayhem is a site dedicated to mystery and thriller books and entertainment. my published clips can be found here.